09.13.2012 Marielle

Kristina & Chris. North Beach Engagements.

Sometimes it’s all in the timing. Actually, the timing is what it’s all about ALL THE TIME! And for Kristina & Chris, the timing had to be just right, the stars had to be perfectly aligned-which thankfully ended up happening over time! They both attended UC San Diego…and should have crossed paths many times considering the fact that they shared lots of mutual friends. And they should have met while at UC San Diego because Chris often attended parties in a Spiderman costume. But as fate would have it, Kristina & Chris didn’t meet while at UC San Diego (and they didn’t meet while Chris was in a Spiderman costume, either!)…BUT as fate would have it, they didn’t like each other the first time they met. They met & through their conversation one evening, neither of them took a strong liking to each other (to put it nicely!). More time passed, and when their paths crossed again, those stars had aligned & it was finally the right moment. It was the moment that they realized that they had found their other half. They are a completely adorable couple who is sooooooo in love & it’s incredible how ridiculously happy they make each other!

We met up in Kristina & Chris’ neighborhood in San Francisco-North Beach for their engagements & we had such a fun time! They brought along their adorable Boston Terrier, Kooter for some of the shots-it was so fun to incorporate him into their photos since he is such a big part of their lives. We had a fun time together in the city where they fell in love. San Francisco is just a romantic city & I loved shooting in their neighborhood near the restaurants & shops they enjoy going to together. I just shot their wedding a couple of weeks ago & I’m DYING to show their wedding photos. And just an FYI, Kristina & Chris are JUST as nice as they are attractive. Power couple of the year? I think so. I’m so glad they found each other because together they are just a delightful duo. Here are my favorites from their session…

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  1. Seriously!? These are AMAZING! I mean i might just start following you around 🙂 I love the one on the stairs!!

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