10.01.2012 Marielle

Tessa & John. Heavenly Resort Wedding.

She promised to give up a few nights of the week during football season to watch games with him. He promised her to help clean the house. Together they promised each other a lifetime of happiness, joy & laughter. And when the officiant asked John if he would take Tessa to be his wife, he didn’t say yes. He said, “ABSOLUTELY!” Both he and Tessa were overjoyed to become husband & wife-to begin a life together that was centered on trust, fun, laughter (and maybe football, too!). Their wedding day was held at what felt like the top of the world-at Heavenly Ski Resort. Looking over the piercing blue Lake Tahoe, Tessa & John spent the day celebrating in every sense of the word. It was a perfectly happy day for two people who are perfectly happy to be together.

I love talking about all the details of weddings because I think it’s fun to see how personalized each & every wedding can be. Their cake was beautiful (and yummy), the rock candy they gave out as favors was SO fun, Tessa’s crystals on the bottom of her shoes that said, “I Do,” the Persian knife dance at the reception & all the other details were perfect. They spent the evening celebrating with their family & friends, dancing, dancing & dancing again (I’ve never seen a wedding where literally EVERYONE dances!). As the late summer sun sunk behind the Sierras, one thing was evident-that Tessa & John had a wedding that was just like them-fun, timeless, filled with laughter & love.

Tessa & John-thank you so much for letting me take part in your special day. I LOVED being able to witness two best friends get married. You are both the sweetest people & I am excited for what your lives hold for you in the future. Wishing you happiness to the moon & back…XOXO, marielle.

Tessa & John opted to not see each other before the ceremony & they decided to stand on either side of a curtain & hold hands while they talked about how excited they were to get married. It was a sweet moment.

This is when the Flower Girl stole the show…

My favorite…

Oh Tessa! You are beautiful!!

I won’t lie-I had a LOT of fun taking this ring shot!

And a special thanks to my second shooter, Joanna-she braved her fear of heights & took the tram up 10,000 feet to shoot this wedding with me. <3 to you, Joanna-you're awesome!

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  1. Melinda

    I love these pictures! You are an awesome photographer!

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