11.16.2012 Marielle

Monica & Jorge. Oakland Wedding.

If there is one thing that everyone knows about Monica & Jorge, it’s that theirs is a love that is pure & sweet. It’s obvious that they are comfortable being together-that even though they’ve spent years as a couple, they are still breathless when they see each other…that they still listen to every word that the other says. It’s a testament that love can still be fresh & exciting, even after years of being together. Monica & Jorge were married in a beautiful church in Oakland-and although the ceremony was in Spanish (and I got C’s in all my Spanish classes so I didn’t understand much!), the feeling during the ceremony was just like Monica & Jorge-sweet, kind & loving. And there is no doubt in my mind that Monica & Jorge will grow old together-still excited to be together, still interested in what the other has to say & even more in love with each passing day.

Monica & Jorge decided to see each other before their ceremony which was perfect. We set up a First Look, where Jorge was positioned facing away from Monica. Until Monica tapped him on the shoulder, he wasn’t allowed to turn around. When Monica arrived & walked over to Jorge, he turned in surprise to see his beautiful bride. They both were beaming at the sight of each other & had some time to themselves before they left for their wedding ceremony. I LOVE when couples choose to do a First Look because it gives me as a photographer more time with the couple & the rest of the day can be spent celebrating without being held back taking formal photos. I LOVED Monica’s black shoes with her ivory dress, Jorge’s slim fit suit, the beautiful church where they were married & the joy that emendated from each & every guest there.

Monica & Jorge-you are the sweetest, nicest couple on the planet. I have loved getting to know you both-and photographing the two of you together is a DREAM for me!!! Wishing you joy, happiness & lots of beautiful babies! XOXO, marielle.

Oh my goodness. Monica was STUNNING.

And Jorge isn’t too shabby, either!

Off to the chapel to get married…everyone was anxious to help Monica with her dress!

Definitely my favorite from the day…

A few weeks after the wedding, we met up for some bridal photos of the two of them…

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