01.15.2013 Marielle

Andrew & Linda. Old Sacramento Wedding.

I am so behind on blogging so I figured that I would go back & blog all the beautiful weddings I shot last year! With everything else that goes on in my life, sometimes blogging takes the back burner…but this poor old blog has been pretty neglected so I’m going to make up for it by blogging some fun, beautiful weddings that I’ve been able to photograph. So get ready!

It was a sweltering hot day in Old Sacramento. Right along the banks of the Sacramento River, a train whizzed by the hotel where Linda was getting ready. Her lace dress was hanging, her bouquet was cooling off in a pitcher of water, and Linda was almost dancing around her hotel room with excitement. She helped her mother curl her hair, she helped her bridesmaids get ready…for Linda & Andrew, their families & friends are such a huge part of their lives that their wedding day wasn’t just a celebration of the bride & groom…it was a celebration of all the people in their lives who had helped shape them & who helped them grow along the way. Their day was spent alongside those friends & family members-laughing, crying happy tears & yes, even doing the Gangnam Style dance (which may have been one of my favorite parts of their wedding!) It was a sweet, perfect day for two people who are genuinely nice, happy & head over heels in love.

Their wedding was such a happy, wonderful day-they were truly surrounded by people who love them sooooooo much. Andrew & Linda were simply beaming at each other the entire day & it’s more than obvious that they really, truly make each other happy. I am so blessed & so lucky to be able to work with people like Linda & Andrew-people whose love for each other just seems to ooze out of them…people whose love for each other is written all over their face (it definitely makes it easy for me to photograph!!). Andrew & Linda-thank you for trusting me to capture your amazingly fun & wonderful wedding! You were a joy to work with & I am grateful to have you as my friends! Wishing you all the best in your new adventure as a married couple! XOXO, marielle.

They saw each other before the ceremony & it was a sweet moment…

Definitely one of my favorite wedding day images EVER…

I loved, LOVED the different textures of their flowers…

Fun fact of the day…Linda MADE the belt that is on her wedding dress! I was amazed at her talent!

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