01.24.2013 Marielle

Jen & Martin. Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Wedding.

The turquoise waters of Lake Tahoe shimmered in the warm autumn sun. Beach goers stuck their toes in the warm sand to relish in the last few days of summer. Not too far from the beach, Martin stood at the end of the aisle waiting for his soon to be wife. The music began & you could tell that Martin could not wait to see Jen walk down the aisle to become his wife. Jen & her father turned the corner & both she and Martin cried as she walked down the aisle in her beaded gown. Their ceremony was sweet & beautiful…and after the ceremony, family members hugged & cried tears of joy. That evening, Martin cried as he stood and gave a toast to his beautiful wife-the woman who brings balance to his life. The woman who makes him happy. The neat thing about Jen & Martin is that they care so deeply for each other & their mutual love & respect towards one another is obvious. It was an emotional, beautiful day & you could tell that their wedding was a day that they would never forget-even when they are old & grey.

I love shooting weddings at Lake Tahoe-there are so many different backdrops for photographs & it is simply a beautiful location. I love photos at the beach, with the pine trees & the incredible rocks at the Lake. Their wedding & reception was held at the Hyatt Regency at Lake Tahoe & it was a perfect venue. The Hyatt looks right out onto the water & guests can walk along the beach during cocktail hour & enjoy the beautiful sunsets there. Jen & Martin gave me tons of time for photographs which I always appreciate. One thing I really loved about their wedding was the photos of Jen & Martin with Martin’s two kids-they were so excited to be a part of the wedding & I loved taking photos of them as a new family. AND as icing on the cake, Jen & Martin let me sneak them outside during sunset for some photographs as the sun sunk below the mountains.

Jen & Martin-I loved being a part of your day sooooooooo much! You are both kind, caring & wonderful people-I am so lucky to have clients who are as fun & amazing as the two of you! Wishing you a lovely life together!! XOXO, marielle.

We did some bridal party photos before the ceremony…

I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that Jen looked stunning on the way to her wedding ceremony!

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