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Jess & Jesse. UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens Wedding.

Every wedding is beautiful. Every couple has a beautiful story. And each time I attend a wedding, I am amazed at how each couple is brought together-how their lives intersect at just the right time…how the stars seem to literally align to certain couples to meet. You see, Jess had planned a trip to Europe with a company that hosted European tours, but because of the lack of interest for the time she had scheduled, they asked her if she could tour Europe on a different week. She said yes & that’s the beginning of it all! She & Jesse met on their European trip (he was scheduled for the trip that she ended up going on) and they spent their European vacation getting to know each other & falling for each other. Their worry was that once the trip was over, that Jess would go home to North Dakota & Jesse would head back to the Bay Area & that they wouldn’t be able to maintain a long distance relationship. BUT. As Jesse saw Jess get in the cab & say goodbye, he knew that it wasn’t goodbye forever. They quickly realized that they wanted nothing more than to be together & they made things work. Jesse proposed to Jess & she said yes!

Jess & Jesse’s wedding has been one that I have been looking forward to for a very long time. When Jess first contacted me about shooting her wedding, she told me that she herself was a wedding photographer who had just moved to the area in the past year. I was more than a little nervous (and a lot flattered!) when she booked me to shoot her wedding. Since she booked me to shoot her wedding, she has become a wonderful friend to me who I admire & love to spend time with. She has been second shooting a lot of weddings with me this year while I’ve been pregnant & I feel SO lucky to have met such a wonderful, caring & incredible person to have as a friend. As we would shoot weddings together, she would tell me about the details that were coming together for her special day & it was so neat to finally be able to shoot HER wedding & see everything that she had talked about come together so beautifully.

Jess & Jesse-I am so grateful to have been able to document your wedding day. I am grateful that you entrusted me (ME!!!) with capturing the love, joy & beauty of the beginning of your lives as a married couple. I am certain that fate brought you together & that your lives together will touch many other lives because of your kind spirits & sweet hearts. Thank you, thank you for everything! With lots of love! XOXO, marielle.

To view their entire wedding & purchase prints, go HERE.

The guys got ready for the big day….

While Jess’ family & bridesmaids danced around her while her hair & makeup were getting done..

Jess & Jesse did a First Look…which was emotional & SUCH a sweet moment…


Isn’t Jess a beautiful bride?!?

After our first location, we headed over to their ceremony site for a few more bride & groom shots…and the light was amazing!

Walking down the aisle…

I mean, REALLY? Check out how amazing this ceremony location was!!!

Here are Jess’ two darling grandfathers who walked her down part of the aisle…

Laughing during the toasts…

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