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Meghan & Jesse. San Francisco Engagements.

Happy New Year, everyone! I had a cuh-razy year last year. I shot 33 weddings, had a baby (luckily didn’t have the baby at a wedding!) and life was a complete whirlwind. I have so many beautiful sessions to blog so I’m jumping back into blogging with Meghan & Jesse’s engagement session! Here is their story…

Meghan & Jesse’s mothers have been friends for the past fifteen years…they are both elementary school administrators in the same district. After talking about a few similarities that Jesse & Meghan had, they concocted a plan to have their kids meet each other. Meghan & Jesse were both single at the time & their mothers thought that they may be a good fit for each other. In December 2010, Jesse’s parents were hosting a dinner party & invited Meghan & her mom to attend. Meghan was hesitant going because she knew that Jesse would be there & she knew about the sneaky plan that her mom & Jesse’s mom had put together. BUT because Meghan & Jesse are such good kids, they went as a favor to their mothers….and thank heavens they did! Although sparks didn’t immediately fly, it was a few months later when Jesse invited Meghan to a concert that they realized that their mothers were right about setting them up! They both say that the happiest time in both of their lives was when they met. They are a darling couple who are so, SO excited to be marrying their best friend.

Together they are planning a San Francisco wedding that is going to be beautiful & a whole lot of fun. I am so excited to be a part of their special day this summer!!!! We met up in San Francisco (their favorite city…and my favorite city…and should be everyone’s favorite city for that matter…)for their engagement session & we had such a fun time together! Here are my favorites….

They are seriously going to have children with the most incredible hair!!!!

Oh San Francisco…I love you for so many reasons-and one of those reasons is for your awesome garage doors!

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