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Tiffany & Steven. Half Moon Bay Engagements.

Ttiffany & Steven’s story began in Guatemala in 2007. They both went down with friends from their respective medical schools to learn Spanish & volunteer in clinics. They ended up getting placed in the same host family, which was to both of their dismay…they both wanted to be the only student in the house so they would be immersed in the language & learn the language quickly…but in the end it ended up working out well for both of them-they learned Spanish AND met their future spouse!!! Win win! Within a few weeks, Tiffany & Steven were completely inseparable. They had to return back home but decided to make the long-distance thing work as their medical schools were two hours apart from each other. They dated long distance for three years (and a lot of late drives back home!). Finally, after they graduated from med school, they were able to move in together, which had to be a relief after dating long distance for so long! Six years after their adventure began, Steven proposed right before Tiffany left for a medical trip to Ethiopia. They’ve traveled around the world together & this summer will be getting married at my favorite winery-Arista Winery in Healdsburg. I can’t wait to photograph their special day!

We met down in Half Moon Bay for their engagements-Tiffany & Steven flew from Atlanta for the weekend for a wedding planning marathon & had their photos taken during the midst of it all! The location where Tiffany wanted to go was AMAZING. I am positive that I sounded like a broken record as I yelled, “THIS PLACE IS AMAZING!!!” over and over. I’m sure that people who came to the park to find peace & quiet were a bit disappointed when I showed up because I could not believe how incredibly beautiful it was….and I had to make it known! 🙂 I am positive that their wedding will be just as sweet & lovely as the two of them are. Here are my favorites from their fun, beautiful coastal engagement session….

I mean, really. Half of the nation is covered in a blizzard & we were lucky enough for THIS beauty…

Some of my favorites…


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