02.10.2014 Marielle

Laurissa & Ken. Oakland Temple.

I loved this wedding. Two darling people who are head over heels for each other who are also super fun & a ton of fun to hang out with. Theirs was my first wedding of the year & if the other weddings I’ve booked are as wonderful as this one, I will be happy!

I normally do the write-up about how the couple met, but Ken wrote this & I just simply couldn’t put any of it into better words. So here is how Laurissa & Ken met-in Ken’s words…

Ken was at his granny’s house one day helping her when her friend from church came over for a visit. Granny had had a pretty bad fall and hit her head and fractured her arm, and her friend Laurie had come over to chat and check up on her. During the conversation Laurie was innocently antagonizing Ken by talking about political things which he disagreed with, and out of respect for his granny, Ken was showing what he considered to be great restraint. But finally he could no longer sit idly by and allow these thoughts to continue unchallenged, and a rather civil and respectful political debate ensued.

Then, in the midst of this disagreement, there came a shot right through in a bolt of blue. Ken felt an electric discharge of at least 1.21 gigawatts right into his flux capacitor as Laurie said, “I have the PERFECT GIRL for you!”

Laurie sent a message to Laurissa and commanded Ken to add her as a friend on Facebook. He checked out her profile and was immediately taken with her. Laurissa had meanwhile just finished tutoring a student at BYU-Idaho, and her phone nearly exploded with notifications. Laurie had set them up, but the immediate connection between Ken and Laurissa proved that her work was done. They began to IM on Facebook and Ken got her phone number. The two started talking on the phone and haven’t stopped ever since.

Ken and Laurissa met in person about a month later when she returned home from BYU-Idaho. He drove out to Rough and Ready, California, and they met face to face for the first time at dusk in the middle of the road leading up to her house. Ken will never forget the first time that he saw her. An angel had descended from the heavens and blessed his life forevermore.

Together they enjoy jam sessions, foreign food, jumping in freezing ocean water and just being together. They are a perfect match & I LOVED being able to photograph part of their special day!

Here are my favorites…


There were so many adorable children at the wedding! All these little ladies LOVED Laurissa!

The little boy on the right got in front of me and starting taking the family photos!

The wind swept up Laurissa’s veil at just the right moment…

Can you believe this was taken in January!?!? Such gorgeous weather for their special day!

She changed into a vintage fur wrap halfway through their photos…gorgeous!

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