I love taking photographs in the Presidio! The Presidio has served as an army post for three nations for over 200 years & is full of amazing history. The Presidio is full of incredible places to take your wedding photographs or your engagement photographs. With the Golden Gate Bridge in view from the Presidio, it provides an ideal backdrop for your special photographs. The Presidio also offers incredible historical buildings, gardens, forests, beaches & interesting nooks & crannies to serve as a backdrop for your wedding or engagement photographs.

It really is one of my favorite places to photograph because you can choose from a more urban type setting with the Presidio’s brick buildings, staircases & old buildings, or you can choose a more nature type setting with the gardens, fields & trees that the Presidio also offers. The park has a large network of buildings (~ 800), many of them historical. By 2004 about 50% of the buildings on park grounds have been restored and (partially) remodeled. Chrissy field is a spacious field which looks over to the Golden Gate Bridge-an ideal backdrop for your wedding photographs or engagement photographs.

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