Jakob & Gretchen. Wedding.

He stood quietly under the large white lanterns hanging in the trees. Waiting…patiently waiting to see his bride for the first time on their wedding day. A light breeze caught the branches of the trees & quietly rustled them. As Gretchen walked down the pathway to see Jakob, she grinned ear to ear. As they caught their first glimpse of each other that day, their excitement was palpable. They embraced, laughed & you could see it in their eyes that they were excited to finally become husband & wife. You see, when Gretchen & Jakob are together, things are perfect & everything is more exciting. They are the type of people who are amazing individuals, but when they are together they are quite the powerhouse. They love life, find joy in spending time together & are totally genuine people. Their excitement continued throughout the day during their beautiful ceremony at Hakone Gardens & lasted well into the night. They were surrounded by their friends & family who were beyond excited to be celebrating the union of two fabulous people!

I really loved shooting this wedding not only because Jakob & Gretchen were so much fun to work with, but because the details were everywhere! I loved Gretchen’s fabulous red Converse sneakers, their dog who was the ring bearer (so darling!), the baskets of fresh lemons as centerpieces & I especially loved all the white paper lanterns the hung from the trees. Jakob’s sweet mother made all the cupcakes & Gretchen made all the origami place cards. I love handmade details for a wedding-they make the wedding so much more unique & special. Although the fog rolled in & the reception was freeeeeezing, all the guests had a wonderful time celebrating Jakob & Gretchen’s big day. It was a romantic, intimate & fun day for all who were there.

Jakob & Gretchen- I knew from our first hour & a half phone conversation that you guys were going to be wonderful, fabulous clients. And when we first met in person, I was so excited to be able to photograph your beautiful wedding! You guys rock my socks & I am so grateful that I was able to spend your special day with you! You are such a sweet, genuine & real couple. I know without a doubt that your married life together will be fun, easy going & fabulous-just like the two of you! Wishing you the happiest marriage ever! With love, xoxo, marielle.

Hakone Gardens is the most serene & gorgeous location for a wedding!

I am in LOVE with these photographs from their first look….

They incorporated their sweet dog into the wedding ceremony & I loved it!

Gretchen…you are stunning.

Gretchen’s sweet father walked her down the aisle…

Gretchen made all of the oragami place cards & Jakob’s awesome mom made all the cupcakes!

Connie caught some great images & I especially love this one of the gorgeous bouquet..

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