Jess. Maternity.

It was one of the best phone calls I had received in a long time. On the other end of the phone was my ultra fab friend Jess, who told me that she was pregnant! I screamed, jumped up & down & laughed like a crazy 12 year old. To be honest, I’m almost always that ridiculous but when I talked to Jess on the phone that night, I was exceptionally rediculous. I was soooooooo excited for the great news because, quite simply, I knew that she & her husband were going to be the best parents ever. It is so fantastic when your friends have great things happen in their lives-it makes our own lives even better. And this was no exception. Hearing that she was expecting was wonderful, exciting & so fabulous!

Jess has the kindest, sweetest heart of anyone I have ever met. She is giving, totally genuine & is by far the best cook on planet earth. I’m not kidding. She’s made some meals that Sam & I talk about for weeks & weeks. I am so grateful to have a wonderful friend like her in my life & I am so excited for her sweet baby girl to make her appearance!

We almost postponed the shoot because it was hailing when I left my house, but I am so, so glad we did the shoot when we did. The light was incredible & Jess looked fabulous. We finished up with a few shots of her knitting at her house-she’s been knitting some darling things for her baby to be. I love, love how these photographs turned out! I’d love some comments! xoxo, marielle.

This first photograph makes me swoon! Ugggghhhh…Jess…you are gorgeous!

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