I‘ve been super-mega-insane busy & loving every minute of it! Tomorrow I will be posting the entire post from Sarah & Mike’s incredible wedding, but here’s a sneak peek of three fabulous events I’ve been lucky enough to shoot!

A gorgeous fall wedding from Saturday…

My little sister’s perfect wedding…

And one smokin’ hot engagement session in Chicago!

Stay tuned for more~!

Sari & Loren. Wedding.

The morning light was incredible. It filtered through the windows, shined brilliantly on the flowers & the trees all around. It was as if the sun was shining & nodding with approval of the fabulous events that would take place that day. As I started taking pictures of Sari getting ready for her big day, I listened to the conversation that filled the house. There was talk about what a beautiful day it was…talk about Sari’s gorgeous dress…& there was talk about Loren. Sari would just grin ear to ear as she would talk about how she & Loren met & fell in love. I loved hearing Sari talk about the man who would soon become her husband-she talked about how proud she was of him, how much fun they have together & how excited she was to be his gorgeous bride!

As Sari walked down the aisle at St. Barnabus’ Church, that same incredible light poured through the stained glass windows. Her father walked her down the aisle and Sari’s blue eyes glistened with joy & excitement as she saw Loren for the first time. Their ceremony was personal, filled with love & personal touches. Loren’s sister sang a beautiful song & part of the ceremony was dedicated to his late father. With their hands clasped tightly & their fingers laced together, they became husband & wife. Afterwards, Sari & Loren could not stop laughing & smiling-they had finally taken the leap into marriage & they could not be any happier about it!

Their family & friends gathered together for a ultra-fabulous reception at the Oakland Yacht Club. They dined  & danced the night away & as the sun slid down into the horizon, Sari & Loren’s family & friends talked about what a fabulous couple they were…what kind & generous people they are…& how Sari & Loren had touched the lives of each & every person in attendance.

Sari & Loren…thank you soooooooooo much for letting me take part in your special day-your wedding was exciting, gorgeous & you both made each & every person there feel loved. I am grateful to have been able to document your wedding & I know you will both have a fabulous & incredible life together. I hope you had a relaxing & wonderful time in Hawaii! With much love- xoxo, marielle.

To view their entire event & order prints, go HERE.










Loren made me soooooooooo happy because he brought these martinis to the wedding as “props.” Way to go, Loren!

These kids were seriously so adorable. They looked like they walked straight from a Gap Kids ad!





The guys snuck away from the reception for a bit for some scotch & cigars-it made for some really fun photos!


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