Olivia. Senior Portraits.

I met Olivia a few years ago when she was in middle school. I was so impressed with what an easy-going, caring & fun person she was. She is a friend to all around her, someone who knows how to make every situation fun & she is beautiful inside & out. She has grown up & now she is headed out to BYU Hawaii to start college-I’m soooooooo jealous! I know that she is going to have a great time in Hawaii!! I’m so happy to call her my friend & even happier for the fabulous adventures that are in store for her…

Here are my favorites from Olivia’s quick shoot…which one is your favorite?

Olivia-you’re gorgeous!


Meet Ronika- aka one of my very favorite people on planet earth. Seriously. Ronika is an incredible individual who is just down right fabulous. She is witty, kind, talented & has a wicked sense of humor. Her sense of style is one that most girls only dream of having. Who would dare wear metallic leggings with a fringed leather jacket & a neon shirt? Ronika would. And she would pull it off like nobody’s business. That’s why Ronika rocks. She is confident & simply wonderful to be around.

Ronika has been a fantastic friend to me the past few years & when she asked me about taking her senior photographs I knew we would have so much fun!

Ronika, I hope you know that I think you are sooooooooooo super fabulous & that I think the world of you. I hope that one day I can be as incredible as you! I am beyond grateful to have you as my friend! xoxo, marielle.












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