Baby Preston.

I have a confession to make…I love to see the important people in my life HAPPY. I love to see them succeed or do something wonderful. I love hearing about the adventures in life that my friends are having. It is something that brings me such joy in my life because I feel that everyone deserves happiness and wonderful opportunities in their lives. I really believe that one of the keys to being a happy person is to be happy for the people around you.

One of my best friends Taneil just recently had her first baby and it is fabulous to see how happy she is as a little mommy. It makes me so happy to see how much she loves her little baby. She is head over heels for this little guy. She is so peaceful and seeing her holding a precious baby makes me so happy for her. This is the kind of happiness that I feel everyone deserves in life; not only the happiness that comes from holding your own baby, but the happiness that comes from seeing the ones you hold close doing great things and becoming great people.  Congratulations on your new, sweet bundle of joy!

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