Katelyn & Trevor. Engagements.

You can just tell that they are in love. The way she looks at him…the way he takes her hand. It’s just perfect. Katelyn & Trevor are an awesome couple and majorly in love! They met while on a double date. There was great conversation,┬áKatelyn was wearing an awesome outfit (I wasn’t there but I’m assuming she was), and they had a really great time. The only problem was that Katelyn & Trevor didn’t come on the double┬ádate with eachother. Flash forward into the not too distant future…the stars collided, the planets aligned and they ended up moving into the same apartment complex! It was just meant to happen. They hit it off again and have been in love ever since. Now they are getting married in just a few weeks! I’m so excited for them!

Katelyn & Trevor were so much fun to hang out with and photograph. I had a great time getting to know the both of them and watching them together. I am so excited for their wedding here in Oakland! Thanks so much for the fun session, you guys!

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You guys….please start a rock band and have this photograph be on the front cover. Please! It just needs to happen.img_0686_1blog










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