Chad & Kelly. Engagements.

It’s in the way they look at each other. It’s in the way that he quietly drapes his jacket over her shoulders when she is cold. It’s in the way her eyes light up when he looks at her. It’s the way that they laugh & joke with each other. When you see Chad & Kelly together, you just know that they are perfect for each other. They are truly, deeply in love & it shows in every word & in every action in Chad & Kelly’s lives. In essence, Kelly is the biscuits to Chad’s gravy. And that’s what they call themselves. Biscuits & gravy. They are without a doubt a very perfect match! Here is their story…

When Kelly first transferred to Georgetown Law in the fall of 2005, her friend kept telling her that she had to meet his friend Chad, who he claimed was, “the best looking guy in DC.” About a year later, Kelly met Chad & she agreed with her friend-Chad really was the best looking guy in D.C! They spent a few years as friends until one summer, Chad asked Kelly to be his date for a wedding in Hawaii. She said yes, booked her flight & they have been together ever since. They managed to keep a long distance relationship going until recently when Chad moved to Seattle with Kelly & they are both SO HAPPY to be living in the same city!!!! They are a fun, adventurous couple with a passion for traveling (they are in the Dominican Republic as we speak…), trying new foods, attending sporting events & just being together.

I was lucky enough to fly up to Seattle to shoot Chad & Kelly’s engagement session. It was a gorgeous day in Seattle-we were lucky enough to have no rain the entire shoot! We all went to dinner together afterwards & as we ate some delicious pizza, the rain POURED outside. We were so lucky to have no rain for the photos!

Chad & Kelly, thank you SO MUCH for the amazing session! You are both such sweet & amazing people & I can’t wait to be part of your wedding festivities in October!  I know without a doubt that your wedding will be a true reflection of who you are-fun, classy & simply incredible…Just like biscuits & gravy. 🙂 I am happy to know that you have found each other & I’m counting down the days until your wedding…xoxo, marielle.

We started out the shoot on their rooftop where Chad asked Kelly to marry him! Here’s the killer view….

I think this is my favorite from their shoot….

When Chad & Kelly attend weddings, Chad usually takes off his tie & Kelly puts it on her head while they work the dance floor. They wanted a photo of them doing their thing so here it is!!!

My second favorite photograph from their shoot…

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