Fabulous Friday.

Fridays are always fabulous, in my opinion. Even though the rain is pounding outside my window & the sky is dark & moody, I’m feeling pretty fabulous. Maybe it’s because I just had a Cadbery Bunny Egg. Actually, this Friday is exceptionally fab because I am heading out to Utah for the weekend for two wonderful things:

This fabulous couple’s wedding…

Remember the cupcake cookbook? Well, Wendy Paul has been a busy gal in the kitchen working on an upcoming cookie cookbook. Can you say delish? I am so excited (and honored!) to be able to photograph her delicious creations for her new cookbook while I’m in Utah!

Just looking at this photo of her cupcakes makes me even more excited…and hungry! If her cookies are even half as good as her cupcakes, then I am in for a big treat!

And just because I want to, here’s a photo I took this morning of gorgeous blossoms. Spring is magnificent.

Happy Friday, everyone! What are your plans for a fabulous weekend? Please spill! 🙂

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